• Eating Well When You’re Pregnant Do you wonder how it’s reasonable to gain 25 to 35 pounds (on average) during your pregnancy when a newborn baby weighs only a fraction of that? Although it varies from woman to woman, this is how those pounds may add up: 7.5 pounds: average baby’s weight 7 pounds: extra… [Read More]

  • Your Nails You may not think about your nails, unless you just painted them blue or your mom says it’s time to trim them. But your nails have a job to do. The hard surface of your nails helps to protect the tips of your fingers and toes. And your fingernails make it easier to… [Read More]

  •   Zinc Zinc is a mineral that’s important to the body in many ways. Zinc keeps the immune system strong, helps heal wounds, and supports normal growth. Zinc deficiency occurs frequently in developing countries. Zinc deficiency in the U.S. is rare since most diets provide more than the recommended dietary allowance. Why do people take… [Read More]

  •                                         What is BMI? Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a child’s weight and height. BMI is a reliable indicator of body fatness for most children and teens. BMI does not measure body… [Read More]

  • Vitamins C, E, A, K, and B complex can all help improve skin health. Here’s how: Vitamins C and E. Among the most important new dermatologic discoveries is the power of vitamins to counter the effects of sun exposure.Topical Vitamin C can prevent the consequences of prolonged sun exposure which can lead to skin cancer.Supplementation… [Read More]

  • Eat Breakfast There’s no better way to start your morning – and the year – than with a healthy breakfast. “It provides your body with the fuel it needs to make energy to keep you focused and active throughout the day. Not only that, but if you are trying to lose weight, fueling your body… [Read More]

  • kids should get their vitamins from a balanced, healthy diet that includes: - milk and dairy products like cheese and yogurt - plenty of fresh fruits and leafy, green vegetables - protein like chicken, fish, meat, and eggs - whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice But providing such a diet with appropriate quantities of… [Read More]

  • We eat poor-quality foods that have been stripped of nutrients. We do not consume enough fresh fruits and vegetables. Many of us get our whole grains from instant rice, refined wheat breads, and cereal. We eat a tremendous amount of prepackaged, pre-made meals. Many of us eat at fast food restaurants each day and had… [Read More]

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Ten simple things you can do to get healthy and stay healthy

Listed below are ten essential elements of good health. If you take all of the actions listed below, you will be much healthier Eat a… [Read More]




Your Nails You may not think about your nails, unless you just painted them blue or your mom says it’s time to trim them. But… [Read More]

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